A varied number of high-end equipments of excellent quality are used at Smile Essentials to ensure patient safety and comfort thus providing quality work that is par excellence!

  • Kodak DC Xray unit


    This Xray machine installed in our main cabin at Smile Essentials provides high quality results for accurate and safe diagnoses.

    KODAK DC Xray unit features a very high frequency generator

    High quality images

    Minimal radiation dose to the patients as well as our staff. The safety of our patients and our staff our key priority

  • Rvg Kodak 5100


    The Kodak RVG 5100 digital radiography system lets us capture and analyze high quality dental radiographs quickly and easily at Smile Essentials.

    14 lp/mm true image resolution, the RVG 5100 system delivers high quality radiographs.

    It gives us the high definition we need to make confident diagnoses quickly

    Our radiographs are displayed in less than 2 seconds, minimizing the waitingtime.

  • Intraoral Camera


    With its crystal clear images and contoured shape, the intraoral camera is the perfect diagnosis partner for early clinical detection and patient education

    Its ergonomic design, ideal size and light weight makes it a comfortable fit for both clinician and patient,

    It’s easily portable between operatories

    It allows us to document and show outer areas of the teeth and gums-including lesions, cracks, and calculus buildup to our patients on a computer screen

    It is very useful in educating our patients about their dental health

  • Light cure units


    At Smile Essentials we use a high end cordless light curing unit to cure composite materials for fillings.

    Increases patient comfort by rapidly curing composites so that the patient is not forced to sit in discomfort while the material sets.

    Since the mouth usually needs to be held open wide and may be dry for the procedure, patients usually want the procedure to end as quickly as possible so that they can close their mouths and remoisturize the dried oral membranes.

    Using this curing light gets patients in and out of the chair quickly so that the experience of irritation and pain is limited.