Childrens Dentistry

When should the parent get the child to the dentist for a first check up?

When the child is about two and a half years of age, it is recommended that they visit a pediatric dentist.Any problems in these baby teeth including tooth decay, malformation and other dental health problems can be identified and resolved immediately.

Children have baby teeth before they shift to the permanent teeth. These baby teeth are also prone to tooth decay and all kinds of dental issues. This period lasting three to six months is important, as this is the time in which kids begin to develop their milk teeth. Ideally they should learn about caries, methods for caries detection and prevention, the proper way to brush teeth, and how to maintain all round dental health and well being.

The role of our pediatric dentist at Smile Essentials

Following, are a few integral functions performed by pediatricians and pediatric dental specialists around the world :

  • All-round dental care for kids
  • Special care for anxious kids, or children with phobias
  • Resolving issues of pain and infection
  • Providing dental services for children who have other clinical conditions or are under medication
  • Handling emergency situations and traumatized children who may have had a minor accident
  • Looking for signs of teeth development; missing teeth, abnormal tooth eruption or misalignment
  • Performing oral surgery for kids; tooth extraction, treating gum infections etc.
  • Performing orthodontic treatment i.e braces
  • Performing endodontic treatment i.e root canal treatment